UK Immigration & Visas

UK Immigration & Visas
Sunday, 30 October 2011
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Sunday, 30 October 2011 by Mnel

udgment in European Court of Justice Case C-34/0 Ruiz Zambrano v Office national de l’emploi (ONEm)

This case clarifies the rights of UK/EU children in relation to their parent/s who are foreign nationals.

As a result of this case, it has been established that, where a British or EU child is living in the UK and needs a foreign national parent to live with them so they can stay in the country,  the parent or parents have the right under EU law to reside in the UK.

The parent or parents also have the right to work as they need to be able to support their child or children. These rights apply no matter where else the child has lived in the EU previously.

It is possible that, as a result of this ruling, that similar rights could be extended to other family members of British and other EU citizens, such as spouses, children and sibling

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